Savvy planer task manager

The free, smart, and efficient way to manage projects with AI!

Key Methods

Data Analysis
Machine learning
Neural Networks
Language Processing
Automate project scheduling
Give Savvy Planner the list of your tasks and watch your schedule come to life. Upload your estimates, and Savvy Planner will plan the tasks, distributing them into sprints according to the sprint length you choose. The assignee will already be there, streamlining your workflow and ensuring efficient task allocation.
Analyze data
Analyze the data of all your projects in one place, including pure development time and bug-fixing time for each role in the team (backend, frontend, design, QA). Gain a competitive edge with data-driven decision-making, utilizing insights such as average development time on a project, average bug fixing time, and visualizations comparing development and bug fixing time.
Estimate projects
Estimate your tasks effortlessly with Savvy Planner, even without direct input from developers! Select any feature from Savvy Planner's comprehensive list, or add custom features as needed – Savvy Planner will intelligently analyze your custom features, providing accurate estimates.
Predict deadlines
Unlock the power of foresight and know the deadline in advance. With just one click, receive realistic time estimates for your projects. Say goodbye to abstract percentage-based buffers – Savvy Planner factors in all risks to provide precise time projections.

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